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120x60 fitness

11" and 14" Pressure Seal Checks in Z, EZ, V and C-fold formats

Pressure Seal Checks & Forms

Pressure seal checks and documents are sealed by a unique bonding process that does not require water or heat. Patterns of a specially formulated cohesive "glue" are aligned when forms are processed by a pressure folder/sealer. Our pressure Amerasealâ„¢ Pressure Seal Multi-Purpose One-Piece Mailersseal checks and forms are available in numerous sizes, colors and layouts and are compatible with all popular laser printers and folder/sealers.
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Integrated Card/Form & Label/Form Combinations

An integrated card consists of a base document called a carrier, a backing and occasionally a face laminate. The card is die cut through the face and the carrier but not through the backing. Membership cards can be cleanly peeled away from the base form after laser printing.

Do you require a label for use with a business form? An integrated label/form combination may be a very cost effective solution. All variable data is printed in a single pass. It's more efficient than printing forms and labels separately. Our integrated label forms run smoothly through laser printers and are especially receptive to bar coding.

Blank Checks for MICR Laser Printing

Over 90 blank formats from which to choose... Numerous security features are present in our blank checks including watermarks, micro-printed lines, Blank Laser Checksfluorescent fibers and warning bands. Many formats include a security pantograph containing a hidden "void" which becomes visible when the check is copied or scanned. Our laser printer-compatible computer checks come in many sizes and layouts and are designed to pass smoothly through popular laser printers.
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Pressure Seal Checks


Pressure Seal

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