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120x60 fitness

PlanetPress Suite 6 Variable Data Printing SoftwarePlanetPress 6 is powerful printing software for transforming and distributing print jobs from virtually any host...

Capable of converting and restructuring the standard output of nearly any computer platform or application, Planet Press 6 is truly an enterprise output management system. Create attractive laser printed forms and distribute print jobs automatically to laser printers across your network. Additional PlanetPress Watch & Imaging modules add automatic faxing capability and PDF imaging.


Convert continuous forms to laser printing without making changes to your existing software!

At its core, PlanetPress is an easy-to-use electronic form designer with the ability to capture and reformat intercepted print data generated by other software programs. The Planet Press design tool offers drawing and design functions similar to those found in popular Windows® programs like Microsoft Publisher™ and Quark Express™. Users can draw boxes and lines, create fills, define data regions, as well as place static text and imported graphic images. The power of PlanetPress lies in its ability to then "map" the printed output coming from other applications to the newly created structure.

Variably print data or graphic elements based on information contained within the host print stream:

Conditional printing of any page element is easily implemented using powerful rules for variable data printing. Create "if, then, else" statements that can be attached to any print object to create personalized communications with only appropriate and relevant content! Selectively print required attachments, riders or messages based on "flags" present in the host data stream. Does the report from your legacy application contain obsolete information that was hard-coded long ago?  Eliminate it! ...and modernize your business communication with Planet Press 6!

Seamlessly merge, transform and distribute output in various formats:

With optional Planet Press Watch & Imaging modules it is possible to create multiple forms of output from a single data stream. Automatically fax certain customers with invoices and statements or e-mail reports in PDF format to your sales representatives. Print versatile pressure seal checks or combination mailers with integrated membership cards. All printing functions are controlled automatically by preprogrammed routines running in Planet Press Watch. Accepting data by TCP/IP printing, FTP, POP3, monitored folders and other sources, PlanetPress Watch transparently handles distribution of your data to effortlessly perform multiple, simultaneous tasks.


PlanetPress Design

PlanetPress Watch

PlanetPress Imaging

PlanetPress Server

PlanetPress iWatch

PlanetPress XML2Print


PlanetPress is licensed by the printer and printer's rated speed. Optional Watch & Imaging modules are licensed by the PC server. PlanetPress Server allows printing to any number of printers.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements so that we may prepare a quotation.