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Certichex32 Corporate Class Laser Check Printing

Streamline and secure your corporate check printing using a MICR laser printer, blank check forms and Certichex32. Corporate Laser Check Printing SoftwareOur most secure check printing solution offers corporations exceptional security and control while significantly reducing the time and expense of printing checks. User-defined privileges and a secure USB "key" prevents unauthorized use. Certichex32 supports check printing for multiple bank accounts or business entities and is compatible with a wide variety of host systems. Certichex32 is customized to work with your accounting system to produce whatever USB Security Key secures check printing software from unauthorized usecheck format is required including layouts that are compatible with our cost-saving pressure seal technology. [read more]

AutoGraphic Secure Check Signing Software
Scan and import your own signatures or have our artist clean and enhance your graphics for optimum clarity. Autographic offers strong password security to keep your signature and official graphics out of criminal hands. Common graphic images can be imported into Autographic and securely AutoGraphic Check Signer Supports Color Printersencrypted. Improve efficiency by eliminating the need to hand sign checks and other important documents while maintaining a high level of security. Advanced features include network & color printer support, audit trail, secure signature backgrounds. [read more]

Xpaper Digital Writing System - Instant PDF images from hand-filled formsXpaper uses Logitech's io Pen to create instant PDFs of documents filled out by hand

Create instant electronic copies of hand-filled forms! Working in conjunction with the Logitech® io™ digital Xpaper Digital Writing System pen and “smart” paper equipped with Anoto technology, any form that must be filled out by hand is instantly rendered as a PDF when the Logitech® io™ digital pen is returned to its USB cradle.
[read more]

PlanetPress Suite 6 Variable Data Printing ( VDP ) Software




Create variably printed documents and distribute output automatically across your network. Capable of converting and restructuring the standard output of nearly any computer platform or application, PlanetPress Suite 6 is truly an enterprise output management system.  Optional PlanetPress Watch, Fax and Image Software ModulesAdditional PlanetPress Watch & Imaging modules add automatic faxing capability and PDF imaging. [read more]

CheckSprint Laser Checkwriting Software
Use the same same blank checks for all bank accounts or companies! CheckSprint Laser Check Writer eliminates the need for preprinted checks. Functioning as a Windows® printer driver and
working in conjunction with a MICR laser printer or toner cartridge, CheckSprint replaces your mechanical checkwriter and adds MICR capability to virtually any accounting system. From $495.00. [read more]


Do you just need to sign checks as part of the printing process? CheckSprint Check Signer is available for only $395.00.


New! Store CheckSprint check layouts and signatures on securely
encrypted USB Flash drives!

New! Create Positive Pay Files
in bank specified format with optional
CheckSprint Positive Pay Formatter.

PSMailers Format Driver - Pressure Seal Conversion Software

Reap the benefits of pressure seal self-mailing documents without making changes to your software! The PS Mailers Format Driver interfaces with your accounting system or other Windows program, changing the printed output to fit pressure seal formats. The PS Mailers Format Driver offers the flexibility to choose from pre-designed templates or create new ones. Best of all, no changes to your existing applications are required!